I have had my water softener and reverse osmosis spigot for almost 3 weeks and we love it! The customer service has been top notch and the tech to come and install my system was very knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend them!

- Desiree L.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the great and helpful service during our one-year maintenance. We are really enjoying our water system, especially the filtered drinking water. We no longer purchase bottled water. I just fill up a pitcher for the fridge and a bottle or two that I grab for on the go. The water is fantastic! It has also really helped my dry hair and skin. There’s a huge difference with this Pure Wellness Water system. Thanks again!

- Mariana J.

We would like to take this time to tell you how much we appreciated your visit the other day. The Pure Wellness water filter replacement is working wonderfully! We enjoyed your awesome customer service and how you took the time to educate us on how to clean out the water. It has been working wonders!

- Juan L.

I want to thank you for your expertise and knowledge on your recent servicing of my water treatment system. I have to tell you how much I like this system. First of all, the drinking water is awesome. It’s good or better tasting than most purified bottled water. The system itself is so low maintenance; I’ve even forgotten to refill the salt once or twice. Let me tell you, I really noticed the difference! I would recommend this unit to anyone that wants to save money and time on soap and cleaning.

- Nick C.

Thank you so much for the service. I have really enjoyed my Pure Wellness System. I can tell the difference in my water and ice from the refrigerator. But my absolute favorite is the reverse osmosis system at the sink. There is no smell or taste and we use our own water bottles, saving on plastic bottles. Also, my coffee and tea taste much better. Thanks!

- Karen J.

Your service was outstanding and your product is, too. By having your filters, I save $54 annually by not having to replace the fridge water filter. I compared other systems and their service charges. Hands down, Elite Water of Texas Systems was the best bet, and it’s paid off. Thanks for your great products and excellent customer service.

- Bruce R.

I’m writing this to tell you that I am very satisfied with the water system. The system doesn’t just add value to my home, it also keeps my pipelines cleaner. It makes the water so much softer and feels much better on the skin. Thank you for the Pure Wellness product and the service you provide.

- Hugo H.