100 Series

Your Home Deserves Quality Soft Water! Hard water is a serious concern for many homeowners. It is the leading cause of costly home repairs such as water heaters and pipes. Hard water scale can also accumulate on your fixtures and appliances causing premature replacement. The Elite 100 is an inexpensive, yet quality option for soft water for years to come!

Features Include:

  • Clack WS1 Valve with easy access from panel settings.
  • Double backwash feature for optimum regeneration.
  • Downflow/Upflow Regeneration.
  • Treated water regenerant refill.
  • Control valve design provides optimal service and backwash rates.
  • Coin cell lithium battery back-up w/8 hour carry over  
Soft Water Benefits

Extend the life of water-bearing appliances, faucets and fixtures

Maintain efficiency of water heater

Softer, smoother feeling skin and hair

Clothes and towels retain their color and last longer

No hard water build-up means less cleaning and harsh chemical cleaners

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“Thank you so much for the service. I have really enjoyed my Pure Wellness System. I can tell the difference in my water and ice from the refrigerator. But my absolute favorite is the reverse osmosis system at the sink. There is no smell or taste and we use our own water bottles, saving on plastic bottles. Also, my coffee and tea taste much better. Thanks!”

— Karen J.

“We would like to take this time to tell you how much we appreciated your visit the other day. The Pure Wellness water filter replacement is working wonderfully! We enjoyed your awesome customer service and how you took the time to educate us on how to clean out the water. It has been working wonders!”

— Juan L.